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River Air: Delivering Top-Quality HVAC Services in Merritt Island, FL

Meet Eitan, a customer from Merritt Island, FL, who recently reached out to River Air for their HVAC needs. A family-owned business led by experienced contractor Rodolfo Legon, River Air is known for its exceptional service in the heating and cooling industry.

When Eitan contacted River Air, he was experiencing issues with his HVAC system. Upon inspection, Rodolfo discovered that the thermostat was faulty, resulting in inconsistent heating and cooling. To start the job, a diagnostic fee was waived as part of River Air’s commitment to transparent pricing and excellent customer service.

To address the thermostat issue, River Air swiftly replaced the faulty unit with a new, efficient model. The replacement process was carried out seamlessly, restoring proper functionality to Eitan’s HVAC system. The cost for the thermostat replacement, which amounted to $180, was a worthwhile investment in Eitan’s home comfort.

Additionally, during the inspection, Rodolfo identified a critical issue with the evaporative coil. The coil was heavily soiled, impacting the system’s performance and efficiency. To ensure optimal performance, a thorough cleaning of the evaporative coil was essential.

River Air’s team meticulously cleaned the dirty evaporative coil, effectively restoring it to peak condition. The cleaning process not only improved the system’s efficiency but also extended its lifespan, providing Eitan with long-term benefits.

With the thermostat replaced and the evaporative coil cleaned, Eitan’s HVAC system was now operating at its best. River Air’s dedication to delivering top-quality service ensured that Eitan’s home was comfortable and energy-efficient.

For Eitan, the total cost of the services, which included the thermostat replacement and evaporative coil cleaning, was $320. River Air’s transparent pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction made the investment in HVAC maintenance a valuable decision for Eitan’s home.

Whether you need HVAC repair, installation, or replacement services in Merritt Island, FL, River Air is the go-to company for reliable and efficient solutions. Contact us today to experience exceptional HVAC service delivered with expertise and care.