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Heating and Cooling Services by River Air in Palm Bay, FL

Wanda, a homeowner in Palm Bay, FL, recently had a great experience with River Air, a renowned service company in the area. Let’s delve into the details of the job handled by the talented contractor, Rodolfo Legon.

Wanda’s air conditioner and furnace were in need of repair and maintenance. She reached out to River Air for assistance, and Rodolfo promptly scheduled a visit to inspect the units. Upon arrival, he checked the split system thoroughly and recommended the installation of a deodorizer to enhance air quality. Wanda agreed, and the deodorizer was promptly installed, improving the overall comfort of her home.

During the inspection, Rodolfo identified the need for additional work to optimize the HVAC system. He proposed a ductwork estimate to enhance efficiency and suggested installing an extra return grill. Given that Wanda’s unit was 4 tons and only had one 20×20 return, the addition of another return grill was essential for proper airflow and performance.

After discussing the details with Wanda, River Air quoted a total price of $625 for the additional work. This included a $600 deposit for materials and labor, ensuring that Wanda’s HVAC system would operate at its best. The transparent pricing and detailed explanation provided peace of mind to Wanda, knowing that she was investing in the longevity and effectiveness of her heating and cooling systems.


With the job completed, Wanda expressed her satisfaction with River Air’s professionalism and Rodolfo’s expertise. The improved performance of her HVAC system brought added comfort to her home, especially during the hot summers and cooler winters in Palm Bay.

Whether it’s repair, installation, or replacement of heating and cooling systems, River Air continues to deliver top-notch service to residents in Palm Bay, FL. The commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction makes them the go-to service company in the area.


In conclusion, Wanda’s experience with River Air showcases the importance of regular maintenance and the expertise of skilled contractors like Rodolfo Legon. Ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are functioning optimally is vital for indoor comfort and energy efficiency.