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Meet Maria from Palm Bay, Florida. Her air conditioner broke down during a scorching heatwave, and she was in urgent need of assistance. Fortunately, she reached out to River Air, a trusted company renowned for its top-notch heating and cooling services in the area.


At River Air, Rodolfo Legon, the skilled contractor, quickly responded to Maria’s distress call. He conducted a thorough inspection of her HVAC system and found that the problem lay in the unit’s plenum, which was clogged with water and bacteria. To ensure Maria’s home stayed comfortable and safe, Rodolfo recommended the installation of a dual UV system to clean and repair the return plenum.


With Maria’s approval, Rodolfo got to work. He meticulously installed the dual UV system, eliminating the harmful bacteria and restoring optimal functionality to the air conditioning unit. Maria was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency displayed by Rodolfo and the entire River Air team throughout the repair process.


In addition to the repair, Rodolfo also discussed the benefits of regular maintenance to prevent future issues. Maria decided to schedule routine maintenance services with River Air to keep her HVAC system in prime condition.

Whether it’s heating, cooling, air conditioner repair, installation, or replacement services, River Air is the go-to company in Palm Bay, FL. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and expertise in HVAC solutions make them the preferred choice for homeowners like Maria.


When it comes to reliable heating and cooling services, River Air stands out as a company that truly cares about its customers. If you’re facing HVAC issues in Palm Bay, FL, don’t hesitate to contact River Air for prompt and professional assistance. Rodolfo and his team are ready to ensure your indoor comfort all year round.