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James’ HVAC Job Experience with River Air in Melbourne, FL

Meet James, a resident of Melbourne, FL, whose air conditioning system faced a daunting challenge. When James discovered that his unit was no longer delivering the cool air he relied on during the scorching Florida summers, he knew it was time to call in the experts. That’s when River Air, a trusted HVAC service company in Melbourne, came to his rescue.

When James explained the problem to Rodolfo Legon, the experienced contractor from River Air, it was quickly identified that the liquid line of his air conditioner had been damaged. This resulted in a significant refrigerant leak, leading to the complete loss of refrigerant from the system. The solution was clear – the damaged section of the liquid line needed replacement, along with a portion of the low voltage wire that was also affected.

With precision and expertise, Rodolfo replaced 3 feet of the liquid line and wiring, ensuring that the air conditioning system was restored to its optimal functionality. To further safeguard the system from future issues, Rodolfo charged 12.5 lbs of the environmentally-friendly refrigerant 410a into the system. This meticulous process not only resolved the immediate issue but also enhanced the overall efficiency of James’ air conditioner.

Additionally, Rodolfo installed insulation on the suction line to improve energy efficiency and prevent temperature loss, providing James with long-term savings on his utility bills. A new filter drier was also put in place to protect the system from moisture buildup, ensuring the longevity of the air conditioning unit.

After completing the comprehensive repair and maintenance work, Rodolfo presented James with a detailed breakdown of the services provided. Despite the complexity of the job and the quality of service delivered, River Air’s transparent pricing policy ensured that James received exceptional value for his investment in a comfortable home environment.

For James, the seamless experience with River Air reaffirmed his trust in the company’s commitment to excellence in HVAC services. Thanks to the dedicated work of Rodolfo and the entire team at River Air, James can now enjoy reliable and efficient cooling in his home, knowing that his air conditioner is in expert hands.