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Refrigerant Lineset Repair Job in Cocoa, FL by River Air

Once upon a time in Cocoa, FL, Pastor experienced an unforeseen dilemma with the heating and cooling systems in his home. The trusty air conditioner and furnace that had faithfully kept his family comfortable were now in need of attention. Luckily, River Air, a reputable service company, came to the rescue with their expert contractor, Rodolfo Legon, ready to tackle the issues at hand.

The job began with a thorough inspection by Rodolfo, who quickly identified the culprit – a rotten drier that was causing leaks in the refrigerant lineset. Understanding the importance of a swift and precise solution, Rodolfo explained to Pastor the necessary steps to repair the issue.

With precision and care, Rodolfo proceeded to replace the damaged drier, ensuring that the refrigerant lineset would function flawlessly once more. The meticulous process involved flushing the copper pipes and expertly brazing the components back together.

As Pastor watched Rodolfo work diligently on the repairs, he knew he was in capable hands. The attention to detail and professionalism displayed by River Air’s contractor was truly commendable.

Furthermore, Rodolfo replenished the system with 3 lbs of refrigerant, each pound priced at $70. The total cost of the job came to $600, which Pastor found reasonable given the expert craftsmanship and quality service provided by River Air.

Not only did Rodolfo successfully complete the repairs, but he also waived the diagnostic fee, demonstrating River Air’s commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency in their pricing.

As the cooling and heating systems roared back to life, Pastor couldn’t help but express his gratitude to Rodolfo and the entire team at River Air. Their prompt response, technical expertise, and friendly approach had made a lasting impression.

In conclusion, the successful refrigerant lineset repair job carried out by River Air in Cocoa, FL, exemplified the company’s dedication to excellence and customer care. Pastor could rest easy knowing that his home was once again a haven of comfort, all thanks to the skilled hands of Rodolfo Legon and the team at River Air.