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Caliber’s Home in Rockledge, FL Gets a Complete Heating and Cooling System Tune-Up by River Air

Caliber of Rockledge, FL was experiencing some issues with the heating and cooling system in his home. That’s when he reached out to River Air, a trusted service company, to have his system checked and tuned up. Rodolfo Legon, the experienced contractor from River Air, was ready to perform a high precision tune-up to ensure Caliber’s system was working optimally.

Upon arrival at Caliber’s home, Rodolfo meticulously checked every component of the system. He started by inspecting the system thoroughly, making sure every detail was taken care of. The thermostat was checked to ensure it was functioning correctly, and the indoor coil was cleaned and sprayed to improve efficiency.

Rodolfo then moved on to check the blower motor, clean the drain pan and drain line, and inspect the filter. He paid close attention to the airflow and made adjustments to improve the air quality inside Caliber’s home. Checking the capacitor, motor, and compressor was crucial to ensure the system’s longevity and efficiency.

During the inspection, Rodolfo discovered several issues that needed immediate attention. The split system was leaking water from the indoor coil, the filter drier outside was rotten and leaking refrigerant, and the drain line was damaged. Additionally, the return plenum was destroyed by rats, and the filter grille was in bad condition. Caliber knew he needed a comprehensive repair.

After discussing the repair options with Caliber, River Air proceeded to replace the filter drier, recharge refrigerant, replace the thermostat, clean the evaporator coil, redo the return plenum, install a new filter grille, and run a new drain line. These repairs not only fixed the existing issues but also improved the overall efficiency and performance of the system.

With all the repairs completed, Caliber was presented with a detailed invoice outlining the work done and the total cost. The total price for the services provided by River Air. Caliber opted to pay using a card, with a 4% fee applied. The payment was processed seamlessly, and Caliber was left with a fully functional and efficient heating and cooling system in his home.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Rodolfo Legon and River Air, Caliber’s home in Rockledge, FL is now equipped with a reliable and well-maintained heating and cooling system. For all your heating and cooling needs, trust River Air to deliver exceptional service and quality results.