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A Journey to Comfort: The Story of Affordable Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne Beach, FL

Welcome to Melbourne Beach, FL, where the sun is bright, and the breezes are warm. In this beautiful city, the importance of a reliable air conditioning system cannot be overstated. The story of Pat, a local resident, and River Air, a service company renowned for its affordable air conditioning installation, highlights the journey to achieving comfort and peace of mind in the scorching Florida heat.

Affordable air conditioning installation in Melbourne Beach, FL - Inside View

Pat’s journey began with the desire to upgrade the home’s heating and cooling system. Understanding the importance of a quality air conditioning system in Florida, Pat contacted River Air, led by the skilled contractor Rodolfo Legon. Known for their expertise in heating, cooling, air conditioner installation, and furnace repair in Melbourne Beach, FL, River Air promised not just a service but a solution.

The project was ambitious: a 5-ton split system installation, featuring a 15.5-16 SEER rating for efficiency and a 10 KW heat strip for those rare chilly nights. The setup required meticulous planning, from a 60 amps breaker for the Air Handler to a 50 amps breaker for the outside system, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.

Affordable air conditioning installation in Melbourne Beach, FL - Outdoor Unit

Attention to detail was paramount. A new drain line, new line set, and a new disconnect box were fitted, along with a UV system warrantied for two years. The installation included an upgrade with new plywood atop the platform, UV arm flex for enhanced air quality, and necessary tie-downs to secure the system against the Florida elements.

Rodolfo and his team also installed a new slab, a surge protector to shield the blower motor from high electrical charges—a wise investment at just $200—and a new filter drier to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the system. The thoroughness of the installation is a testament to River Air’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Affordable air conditioning installation in Melbourne Beach, FL - Precision Tools

Notably, the new system came with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor (excluding refrigerant), ensuring peace of mind for years to come. A new filter rack was installed for easy maintenance, alongside recording of the system’s serial numbers for straightforward service in the future.

Affordable. This price represents not just the installation of an air conditioning system but an investment in comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Pat’s experience with River Air exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing high-quality, affordable air conditioning installation and repairs in Melbourne Beach, FL.

Choosing the right company for air conditioning installation or repair in Melbourne Beach, FL, is crucial. It’s about trust, expertise, and value—qualities that River Air, under the guidance of Rodolfo Legon, has demonstrated time and again. From affordable air conditioning installations to efficient furnace repairs and replacements, River Air stands as a beacon of excellence in Melbourne Beach.

For anyone living in Melbourne Beach, FL, enduring the heat without a reliable air conditioning system is an unnecessary challenge. Like Pat, you too can enjoy the comfort and peace that comes with a professionally installed and maintained air conditioning system from River Air. It’s a journey to comfort that’s worth every penny.