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Overcoming Drip Pan Corrosion: A River Air Success Story in Palm Bay, FL

When Faryal from Palm Bay, FL, noticed her air conditioner was leaking water, she knew it was a sign of trouble, but little did she know the extent of the damage caused by drip pan corrosion and an auxiliary drip pan leaking. It was a tough situation that required the expertise of River Air and our seasoned contractor, Rodolfo Legon. This is the story of how we turned a potential disaster into a success story, ensuring the heating and cooling system worked flawlessly, thanks to our repair, install, and replacement services.

Palm Bay, FL Air Conditioner Repair and Drip Pan Replacement

A Deep Dive into the Issue

Upon arrival at Faryal’s residence, it was clear that the air conditioning unit was in dire straits. The metal stand, a crucial component holding up the unit, had succumbed to severe corrosion. This not only compromised the structural integrity of the system but also led to significant water leakage. The auxiliary drip pan, designed to catch any excess water, was also leaking. This was a clear example of how cutting corners with lower-quality materials can lead to bigger problems down the road. Faryal was facing the aftermath of a decision to save money, resulting in a system two years past its prime, now requiring a complete overhaul.

Leaking Air Conditioner Fix in Palm Bay

The operation to rectify the issue wasn’t going to be simple or quick. It required meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of heating, cooling, air conditioner, and furnace systems. Rodolfo and the River Air team were up to the task, prepared with the right tools and knowledge.

The solution involved the complete removal of the split system. This was necessary to not only replace the damaged metal stand and auxiliary drain pan but also to redo the supply plenum. The integrity of the entire setup had to be reassured to avoid any future leaks or damages.


The drain line was not properly installed. The return plenum was not sealed properly, it was leaking air everywhere, causing utility bills to be more expensive. It was not energy efficiency, over 25% of their bill was going towards wasted money. It could also cause mold growth inside the air ducts due to the leaking condensation. This is an example of a non-professional installation. 

In River Air, we do everything the right way. We know how to fix air conditioning systems that were not properly installed like this. 

Expert Heating and Cooling Repair in Palm Bay

Once the new metal stand and auxiliary drip pan were securely installed, and the supply plenum was redone, it was time to reinstall the unit and put it through rigorous testing. For an hour, Rodolfo and his team monitored the system, adjusting and calibrating to ensure that it ran according to specifications. Their hard work paid off. The unit was no longer leaking water. It was a testament to River Air’s commitment to quality and efficiency in air conditioner repair and installation.

The cost of this extensive repair and replacement operation was affordable. Given the severity of the damage and the comprehensive scope of the work done, this price was not only fair but also a significant saving in the long run. Opting for a quick fix or continuing to use subpar materials could lead to even more expensive repairs or the need for a full system replacement down the line.

Successful Furnace and AC Repair in Palm Bay by River Air

In the end, Faryal’s air conditioning system was restored to its full functionality, providing comfort and peace of mind. This project was a clear reminder of the importance of choosing quality materials and professional installation and repair services. At River Air, led by Rodolfo Legon, we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and fix any issue, ensuring our clients in Palm Bay, FL, and beyond enjoy a perfect indoor climate year-round.

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioner, such as drip pan corrosion or an auxiliary drip pan leaking, don’t hesitate to contact us. At River Air, no job is too big or too small, and we’re always ready to restore your heating and cooling system to its peak performance.